domenica 14 giugno 2009

Pink Floyd - 1970-11-21/22 - Montreux (REPOST)


This is a soundboard recording and well worth seeking out,
but one can see why it was not officialy released:

Dave has one of his trademark laughing attacks during 'Fat Old Sun'.
Also, during the closing segment of 'Cymbaline' (after the footsteps
sequence), there is a particularly bad and prolonged problem with
the sound system, causing Dave to burst into laughter once again.
Roger introduces the show with a "good morning" and introduces
'More Blues' with remarks about it being "too late for mind
expanding music, so we'll play some music to calm down by",
presaging his words years later before the concluding encore
of the infamous Montreal '77 concert.

There is a minor amount of tape hiss, and a somewhat more
annoying distortion during loud passages which prevent a
EX+ rating for this CD, but then again how often does a
newly uncovered Pink Floyd soundboard recording like this appear?

The most important thing is Disc2, Track 3
'Just Another Twelve Bar' It's the first available
recording of this blues number

1. Astronomy Domine (10:35)
2. Fat Old Sun (14:07)
3. Atom Heart Mother (18:36)
Total Playing Time: 43:17 (min:sec)

1. Cymbaline
2. 2. The Embryo
3. Just Another Twelve Bar
4. More Blues


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  1. nothing to say, other than... WOW thanks!

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