venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Led Zeppelin - 1969-04-27 - San Francisco, CA (REPOST)


"The Jimi Page Experience" This version contains a 10:39 version of "White Summer Black Mountain Side" which is not on the other posting of the show. I think that you will find as you listen to this source, that you will be very pleasantly blown away by the sonic quality of the recording. I know that I was when I first heard it. If you downloaded the previous version, trust that this is a major upgrade. This recording rivals any of the other great sounding Zep boots that exist. This is Zep at their best.

Disc 1:
1. Train Kept A Rollin' (3:15)
2. I Can't Quit You (6:17)
3. As Long As I Have You (20:19)
-Fresh Garbage
-No Money Down
-Mannish Boy
4. You Shook Me (9:55)
5. How Many More Times (22:27)
-The Hunter
-The Mulberry Bush
6. Communication Breakdown (6:04)

Disc 2:
1. The Lemon Song (9:01)
2. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (7:04)
3. White Summer/Black Mountain Side (10:39)
4. Sittin' And Thinkin' (7:41)
5. Pat's Delight (14:52)
6. Dazed And Confused (12:58)


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