sabato 27 giugno 2009

Gordon Lightfoot: The Legendary Soundstage Special 1979

(Excellent studio mp3@192)

This is noteworthy because he rarely performed a concert
in the first place so to have a bootleg of this caliber is worth
having. One of the rare Lightfoot concerts Lightfoot performed.
Noteworthy is Ghosts Of Cape Horn (the first performance
ever of this one).

01 - Intro
02 - Cotton Jenny
03 - The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
04 - Endless Wire
05 - Summertime Dream
06 - Speech
07 - Don Quixote
08 - If You Could Read My Mind
09 - Ghosts Of Cape Horn
10 - Beautiful
11 - Hangdog Hotel Room
12 - Sundown
13 - Band Intro
14 - Early Morning Rain
15 - Whisper My Name
16 - On The Tv
17 - Old Dan's Records
18 - Canadian Railroad Trilogy


2 commenti:

  1. I saw him in 1977 and recorded the show. Cheap little recorder, so I know the quality is low. Did he really do so few concerts? I had no idea.

  2. Umm... maybe you meant 'Outside of Canada', as even to this day, despite health issues the last few years, Lightfoot still does shows and always has. It's great you've posted one here, but the man has always gigged and used to do so tons before his health issues in the 00's. Says at his site he STILL did 62 shows in '08, many in the US

    Colin H