giovedì 25 giugno 2009

John Lennon & Paul McCartney - A Toot And A Snore In 74 (REPOST)

Studio outtakes

- Lennon is on lead vocal and guitar
- McCartney sings harmony and plays drums.
- Stevie Wonder sings and plays electric piano,
- Linda McCartney on organ,
- May Pang on tambourine,
- Harry Nilsson provides vocals,
- Jesse Ed Davis is on guitar
- producer Ed Freeman fills in on bass,
- Bobby Keyes plays saxophone.

01. A Toot and a Snore (0:27)
02. Bluesy Jam (2:33)
03. Studio Talk (2:40)
04. Lucille (5:59)
05. Nightmares (2:38)
06. Stand By Me (2:18)
* Mostly Lennon complaining about the sound in his headphones and
reminiscing about how it was better half an hour ago.

07. Stand By Me 3:41)
* Lennon still isn't happy with the sound. Though this is only three
minutes after his first complaint, he now dates the golden age of headphone
sound as two hours ago.

08. Stand By Me (6:04)
* Because of Lennon's complaints, the studio has changed the microphone
levels on the recording itself (rather than the performers' headphones),
and most of the lead vocals can no longer be heard.

09. Medley : Cupid, Working on the Chain Gang, Take This Hammer (3:10)


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