giovedì 11 giugno 2009

Guns N' Roses - The Ultimate Rarities (Bootleg 2005) REPOST

01. Did You No Wrong [Axl and Steve Jones Tackle "The Pistols Classic"]
02. Free Falling [live with Tom Petty]
03. Chinese Democracy [Brand New Album Track Live In Brazil]
04. Madagascar [Brand New Album Track Live In Brazil]
05. Sentimental Movie [Unreleased Track with Duff on vocals]
06. Herod's canz [Axl and Meatloaf]
07. Whole Lotta Rosie [AC/DC cover]
08. Sweet Child O'mine [killer Techno Remix]
09. Mama Kin [live feat. Aerosmith]
10. The Blues [Brand New Album Track]
11. Oh My God [Brand New Album Track]
12. Anxious Disease [Axl and Slash in "The Outpatients"]
13. Rhiad And The bedouins [Brand New Album Track Live In Las Vegas]
14. Come Together [live with Bruce Springsteen]
15. Under My Wheels [Axl with Alice Cooper]
16. 5150 [live with Van Halen] (Cut)
17. Just Another Sunday [Brand New Album Track]
18. White Christmas [Axl takes on Bing Crosby]


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