sabato 6 giugno 2009

Ben Harper - 2003-06-20 - Cambridge, Massachusetts (REPOST)


01. Burn One Down
02. Please Bleed
03. I Shall Not Walk Alone
04. Waiting On An Angel
05. Amen Omen
06. Widow Of A Living Man
07. When It's Good
08. She's Only Happy In The Sun
09. The Woman In You
10. Sexual Healing
11. Diamonds On The Inside
12. Roses From My Friends
13. Pleasure And Pain


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  1. Paul ( maggio 2009 10:18

    Hi there, here's a short note from The Netherlands. Been following you for quite a couple of months now and I really like your postings. My ipod is about full, thanks to you ;-)
    A couple of weeks ago, I saw a torrent from this gig, called "Alone in Cambridge", but looking at the playlist, it seems to be the same concert. The torrent wasn't working quite right: only 50% of the numbers got through and so I was very happy to see your post. Unfortunately it says the link is dead.... Am I doing something wrong ?
    Hope to hear from you and keep up the good job !!!!!

    Best regards,