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Pink Floyd - 1977-07-06 - Montreal, Canada (REPOST)

(Excellent audience mp3@320)

A BIG thanks to Konrad!!!!!!

infos here

"This is the show where Roger finally had enough of the huge, wild audiences of the stadium concerts. While the band was performing "Pigs on the Wing" Roger halts the performance to yell this at the rather rowdy crowd, "Oh... for f*ck's sakes, stop letting off fireworks and shouting and screaming, I'm trying to sing a song! I mean I don't care, if you don't want to hear it, you know... f*ck you, I'm sure there are a lot of people here who do want to hear it. Why don't you just be quiet? You want to let your fireworks off go outside and let them off out there. And if you want to shout and scream and holler go do it out there, but I'm trying to sing a song that some people want to listen to it. I want to listen to it." After ridiculing them with profanity, he later spits in the face one of the more unruly fans.

This total estrangement between the band and the audience is what Roger claims gave him the inspiration for "The Wall".

set one
1 - Sheep
2 - Pigs of the Wing, part one
3 - Dogs
4 - Pigs of the Wing, part two
5 - Pigs (three different ones)
set two
6 - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)

1 - Welcome to the Machine
2 - Have a Cigar
3 - Wish You Were Here
4 - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (6-9)

5 - Money
6 - Us and Them
7 - Blues


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