sabato 22 marzo 2008

INXS - 1997-04-04 - Brussels, Belgium

(Radio Broadcast)

01. New Sensation
02. Tast It
03. Elegantly Wasted
04. Original Sin
05. I'm Just A Man
06. Kiss The Dirt
07. Show Me (Cherry Baby)
08. Listen Like Thieves
09. Searching
10. Never Tear Us Apart

01. Everything
02. Need You Tonight
03. Girl On Fire
04. Devil Inside
05. What You Need
06. Suicide Blonde
07. Kick
08. Heaven Sent
09. Don't Change

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3 commenti:

  1. this is corrupt..

  2. Just downloaded the files and they are OK.
    All files correctly extracted.
    Try to decompress directly on


    and not on

    C:\document and settings\blabla\blaba\.....etc.

    Sometimes the address is longer than 256 characters and winrar show the corrupt message

    Let me know

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