lunedì 24 marzo 2008

Bob Dylan - 1962-1963 - The Broadside Show and Sessions

Broadside Show WBAI FM radio, NY May 1962:
01. Ballad Of Donald White
02. The Death Of Emmett Till
03. Blowin In The Wind (w/Seeger, Turner, and Cunningham)

Broadside Office Demos, NY Nov.'62-Mar.'63:
04. I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day
05. Oxford Town
06. Paths Of Victory
07. Walkin' Down The Line
08. Playboys And playgirls
09. Talkin Devil
10. Farewell
11. Masters Of War
12. Let Me Die In My Footsteps
13. Only A Hobo
14. John Brown
15. I Shall Be Free
16. Train A-Travellin'
17. Cuban Missile Crisis

March on Washington DC, August 28, 1963:
18. Only A Pawn In Their Game (fragment)
19. Only A Pawn In Their Game
20. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize (w/Baez and Chandler)

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  1. This is great Dylan stuff you have been posting lately.
    Thanks for the effort you put into your blog, and for the variety and quality of the music you present here.
    Nice place to just hang around.
    Thanks again.