mercoledì 8 aprile 2009

All requests have been fulfilled!!!! Thanks to all our contributors

Hi guys, a friend of us requested three bootlegs that I don't have.
Let's see if there's someone who can help him. He's searching:

1) REM - 9/14/1987 Holland. The show was broadcasted and the
bootleg is a 2 CD boot called Red Rain. A small revied here
the links available in the comments (a BIG THANKS TO wdiv)

2) Eric Clapton - January 24, 1990 show at the Royal Albert Hall.
This show appears as a few different titles including
"Class Blues Volume 1 & 2"; "Wonderful Night"; "Love" and is also
the first two discs of a 5 CD set titled "Touring Forever." I believe
it is sourced from a Westwood One radio broadcast.
This is **not** the fairly common 'Orchestra Night' show from RAH in 1990.
A small review here.
the links available in the comments (a BIG THANKS TO BBKron)

3) Tom Petty - 1999 Fillmore. There are a bunch of different version
of Petty's '97 Fillmore run around, but I have not been able to find
the 1999 shows. I think one of the shows, or a compilation made from
all 20 shows was broadcast. Looking for an FM/SB quality show from this run.
the links available in the comments (a BIG THANKS TO jdallenx)

Fingers crossed!!!!

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  1. Here's the REM show. Ripped it from my CDR collection this morning.

  2. Here's 99 Tom Petty, I believe. Got this years ago, and the title is the extent of my info about this.

  3. Asso,

    I have the 'London at Night' ( version of the 1/24/90 Clapton show. the boot claims to be the complete show. But according to the listings for 'Class Blues Vol. 1&2', and 'Quartet' listings, there are a couple tracks that were played that are not included on this boot. However, it is more complete than some of the available versions, including the 'Love' version and others. I am currently uploading it and will post the links when it is finished.

  4. Here are links to the 'London at Night' (Clapton, 1990-01-24) Boot of this show. The cover art claims this to be the a complete soundboard show, and it contains tracks not included on the radio versions (such as 'Wonderful Night' and 'Love', but this one does not contain all the tracks included on 'Quartet' and other known boots that have the 'Complete' show. Anyway, here is what I have, and it is very good, both the sound quality and show quality.

    CD 1:

    CD 2:

    This will also be available at my blog, the BB Chronicles:

  5. Since I'm the guy who made these requests I figured I would say THANKS to everyone here who helped. I have been looking for all these shows for a long time so to finally get them is great.

    Thanks to everyone and Asso thanks for such a great site. You went WAY above the call of duty with this one!