giovedì 2 luglio 2009

Queen - 1981-03-20 - Sao Paulo, Brazil (flac)

(Soundboard flac)

The original audio (from the original TV broadcast)
had a couple of gaps. I have filled the gaps with the
1984 rebroadcast (if I remember correctly I've
used the full intro from it, and WATC / God Save
The Queen). It still had some small gaps between
songs and there was a fade out/fade in effect between Tie
Your Mother Down and Another One Bites The Dust.
Fortunately the video had these small bits, so I have
added them where they belong. The compilation of
these 3 sources was my "version 1". But them Olivier
shared on QueenZone "Morumbi Stadium 81" which
has the best sound, but it's incomplete. So I have
taken the songs which ARE on this bootleg, and they
replaced the songs on my "version 1". This is the "version 2".

Disc 1:
01. Overture
02. We Will Rock You (fast)
03. Let Me Entertain You
04. Play The Game
05. Somebody To Love
06. I'm In Love With My Car
07. Get Down Make Love
08. Need Your Loving Tonight
09. Save Me
10. Now I'm Here
11. Vocal Improvisation
12. Dragon Attack
13. Now I'm Here (reprise)
14. Fat Bottomed Girls
15. Love Of My Life

Disc 2:
01. Keep Yourself Alive
02. Percussion Solo
03. Guitar Solo
04. Flash's Theme
05. The Hero
06. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
07. Bohemian Rhapsody
08. Tie Your Mother Down
09. Another One Bites The Dust
10. Sheer Heart Attack
11. We Will Rock You
12. We Are The Champions
13. God Save The Queen
14. Concert Ending


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