giovedì 26 marzo 2009

Metallica - 2009-01-27 - Rosemont, IL (DVDfull only MU)

(DVD full)

A BIG Thanks to KONRAD!!!!!

01 That Was Just Your Life
02 The End Of The Line
03 Harvester Of Sorrow
04 For Whom The Bell Tolls
05 One
06 Broken Beat And Scarred
07 Cyanide
08 Sad But True
09 Welcome Home Sanitarium
10 All Nightmare Long
11 Kirk Solo1
12 The Day That Never Comes
13 Master Of Puppets
14 Fight Fire With Fire
15 Kirk Solo2
16 Nothing Else Matters
17 Enter Sandman
18 Die Die My Darling
19 Whiplash
20 Seek And Destroy

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6 commenti:

  1. buddy.... these link don't work!!!!

  2. i'm having trouble with part 2 of disc 1. megaupload keeps cutting it off several hundred megabytes in. If you could fix this link, it would be greatly appreciated!

  3. disc 2 part 4 won't download for me... any one else having problem with that part? maybe there is another link for part 4 ?

  4. d/l all parts and the dame thing still dont work,says it cant join.

  5. What program do I need to join these together?

  6. Thank you to the person who uploaded this fabulous concert.

    The files can be joined together by a program called hjsplit.

    You'll then have 2 winrar files which can be unpacked and viewed as a proper DVD.

    Michael ( Northern Ireland )

    Saturday 9th May 2009