giovedì 3 luglio 2008

Sting - 1991-03-05 - New York City

(Broadcast mtv studios)

This was the 22st show recorded for the famous "MTV Unplugged" series in
which acoustic music played the main role. The show premiered on 10-04-1991.
Sting played his standup bass during the whole show. He claimed that he hadn't
built up the necessary callouses to tackle the instrument. At one point, Sting
forgot the lyrics to a song and a fan handed him a CD as a crib sheet. Later,
Sting broke into a spontaneous vocal duet with Vinx (who was playing the
African hand drum) during Every Breath You Take. By the time the song
weaved its way to the conclusion, Sting almost seemed relieved. The show
was released on the official video Unplugged (PolyGram Video; 089 550).

Sting : Double Bass & lead vocals
Dominic Miller : Acoustic guitar
David Sancious : Piano
Vinnie Colaiuta : Drums
Vinx : Percussions & vocals

01 - All This Time
02 - Mad About You
03 - Why Should I Cry For You
04 - [jam]
05 - Message In A Bottle
06 - Every Breath You Take
07 - Fragile
08 - Tea In The Sahara/ Walking On The Moon
09 - Ain't No Sunshine
10 - The Wild Wild Sea

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